nZEBRA Architects provide design and project management services in architecture, conservation, urban design and landscape architecture. We can take your project from inception to completion. nZEBRA Architects are specialist in designing buildings that perform to the highest energy, comfort and health standards.

As architects we analyse the Client's brief, study the site and its context, be it urban or rural, establish related planning policies and develop the architectural concept. The Client is fully involved in the design process, including meetings where we discuss ideas and alternative architectural solutions for the design in question.

nZEBRA Architects design both new build and retrofits as nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) principles. Our time-proven expertise and leadership in the Passive House standard proves the most rational, consistent and efficient basis for realising nZEB, involving optimising the building envelope, in accordance with the 'fabric first' dictum, as well as ensuring even temperatures and draft-free conditions along with high indoor air quality in respect of balanced humidity and low CO2 levels. The resulting building performance qualities of very low energy demand, comfort and health are determined using the DEAP software as along with design tools such as the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) along with the SketchUp PH tool and Therm to evaluate the thermal and comfort performance of a building.

Regarding improvement of existing buildings, nZEBRA is experience in step-by-step retrofit that allows Clients to phase their works in accordance with budgetary constraints. Optimal results are achieved by assisting the builder to programme works on site, ensuring unbroken continuity of insulation, thermal bridge control, airtightness and wind-tightness from phase to phase. Specialist software is used to analyse condensation risk within the building fabric.

We are used to working closely with builders in order to ensure building excellence. nZEBRA, through its sister organisation the Passive House Academy, is experienced in training tradespersons and consultants to achieve the high performance demanded by nZEB principles.

With its range of expertise and experience, nZEBRA integrates architectural design concept development and environmental performance. 

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nZEBRA is a solution provider for all your nZEB needs. Our team has been operating in this space for over a decade and has the right balance of science and real-world application.
We have a proven track record of delivering fast-track affordable nZEB projects for both private and public sector

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